HIV Self-Test kits

HIV Self-Test Kits

Finding it hard to get tested?

Test Now: Community Edition provides free HIV Self-Test kits to gay, bi, trans, Two-Spirit, and queer (GBT2Q) men, and non-binary people. These single-use test kits detect HIV antibodies in minutes using a drop of blood ⎯ and getting one is as simple as contacting one of Turning Point’s CAMO Outreach Workers, answering a few (optional) questions, and leaving with a kit. Tests can then be done on your own terms, wherever you feel comfortable.

Once you complete your test, no matter what the result is, you can contact us for information, support, and referrals for things like confirmatory HIV testing (if your result is reactive) or HIV PrEP.

Interested in receiving a free HIV self-test kit?

While quantities last, we encourage you to drop by Turning Point’s office or connect directly with our CAMO outreach worker via email: 

Did you know?

Gay, bi, trans, two-spirit, queer (GBT2Q) men and non-binary people make up more than 50% of new HIV infections reported in Canada each year.

This is due to a wide range of factors, including external and internalized stigma surrounding sexual health and identity, limited mobility and proximity to testing facilities, extended wait periods for testing results, and a lack of individual and societal education – all of which serve as barriers to getting tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBI).

Test Now: Community Edition is a pilot study led by Community-Based Research Centre (CBRC), with the support of REACH Nexus, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and a network of more than 20 community-based organizations across the country. Your participation in this project will help us better understand the effectiveness and feasibility of HIV-self testing kit distribution through community-based organizations so that we can make recommendations on how this work can be expanded in the future.

Click here to learn more about HIV self-testing, access an HIV self-testing demonstration video, and learn more about the project.