Turning Point provides a selection of harm reduction tools that when safely used will prevent the transmission of HIV, Hepatitis C and other Blood Bourne Pathogens.

what is harm reduction?

Harm reduction can be defined as a set of practical strategies with the goal of meeting people where they are at, to help them to reduce harm associated with engaging in risk taking behaviour. (Harm Reduction Coalition, United States, 2000) (Definition supported by Canadian AIDS Society, 2000)

Turning Point adheres to the best practice recommendations for Canadian Harm Reduction Programs by offering a range of supplies to help mitigate potential impacts of high-risk behaviour. Some of the items people can access within our office include: safer sex, drug use, and piercing supplies.


In addition to accessing supplies in the office and through NightReach, Turning Point has partnered with organizations and businesses within Central Alberta to ensure that new supplies and safe disposal are available to those who need them, for more information please contact us or visit the link below.

We also provide a variety of workshops and community information sessions. Please contact us if you are interested arranging or attending any of our upcoming workshops by calling the office at:

(403) 346-8858