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Let us be your turning point – to understanding, to being supported, to learn. We are here to support health and well-being with a welcoming, non-judgmental, trauma-informed perspective through our programs and collaborations.

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Got a donation of @babycakescupcakeryrd from @novachemicals again and we are so grateful for this delicious treat so close to the weekend. ❤️ ...

Sex. Did you know that in Alberta we have seen a rise in infectious and congenital Syphilis. In 2018, there were a total of 1536 confirmed cases or infectious syphilis - compared to 161 cases in 2014.
As a result of this surge, the Alberta government declared that the province is officially in a Syphilis outbreak.
While COVID has drastically reduced the ability to offer routine STBBI testing- we encourage you to reach out to the Sexual Health Clinic locates in Red Deer (403-346-8336) If you are experiencing any symptoms or have any questions/concerns related to your sexual health.

If you want more information about STBBIs or have questions about how to keep yourself safe and healthy please call/text Kevin at 587-877-5636

We provide safer sex supplies to anyone who wants them, free of charge. We have a variety of condoms ( shapes, sizes, textures, material , colors, flavours, etc. ), female(insertable) condoms, dental dams, and lube. Drop by the office and we’ll hook you up ☔️

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A mother who lost two children within six months of each other bought pizza and KFC for everyone today. We miss her sons very much and are honoured to be able to help her distribute this food in their memories. 🥰 note: pictured is a staff preparing to hand out the food to clients ...