Streamlining Services

Streamlining Services

Turning Point receives renovations to its front office to streamline services and supports impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic (Mitchell Danser).

It is with overwhelming gratitude that we are able to begin much-anticipated renovations to our office’s entrance.

This project was made possible through a COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund, appointed by United Way Central Alberta and funded by the Government of Canada

The purpose of this funding is to ensure essential services and supports are accessible to vulnerable populations throughout the country.

When COVID-19 shut down our community in 2020, Turning Point’s entire world changed overnight.

A client receives support from Turning Point support staff on previous office deck (Mitchell Danser).

To reduce the risks of transmitting COVID-19, critical services that would normally take place in a sheltered, private environment moved to our front step.

The curbside quickly became a place for filling out important paperwork, while city benches were used for comforting vulnerable individuals in distress. Personal interactions that should be held in private have become a community spectacle.

We not only saw the impact of these reduced services at our office but throughout our community as well.

Throughout 2020, Alberta – primarily the Central Zone – saw a sharp rise in adverse drug side effects impacting our clients.

Our most vulnerable quickly felt the impacts of COVID-19, and while we’ve continued to find new opportunities to troubleshoot daily concerns, the current constraints on our services prevent us from keeping up with these rising demands – especially during sub-zero temperatures.

When COVID-19 shut down our community in 2020, Turning Point’s entire world changed overnight.

Funds awarded through the COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund will support the development of an exterior shelter comprised of heaters, an awning, and renovations to our existing entrance.

“As we’re still unable to welcome our clients back into the office, we’re thankful for this opportunity to provide temporary shelter to clients that are receiving essential services and supports” shared Stacey Carmichael, Turning Point’s Executive Director.

Our community can expect to see the new entrance in full operation by mid-February.

This is the second COVID-19 relief grant our organization has received – the first of which from the Red Deer & District Community Foundation to purchase camping supplies for clients most impacted by COVID-19 closures.

By: Mitchell Danser