There are lots of ways to get involved at Turning Point:

Friend of Dorothy?  Finding Family?  Queer as a 3 dollar bill? LGBTTQ Stuff – 
“In 1992 when I was coming out, all the books said the local HIV organization will know where to find the gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer or questioning community.”  At CAANS, we try to keep in the loop, this is what we know:
  • Central Alberta Pride is the organization that plans Central Alberta’s Pride Festivities
  • There is a Red Deer LGBT Meet Up group that was created in February 2013;
  • There is a LGBT youth group which meets every second Friday at the Red Deer Library, in the Mez.  You can find them on facebook here;
  • Red Deer College’s Pride on Campus can be found on facebook here;
  • Central Alberta’s PFLAG Chapter is based in Lacombe and can be found here;
  • We have staff at Turning Point who are LGBTQ and know what it’s like to come out of the closet.

If you have any questions about Central Alberta’s LGBTQ community please email our MSM Outreach Worker at msmoutreach AT