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Getting involved with the work we do can be done in so many ways. Every bit helps and contributes to making a difference in our community.

donations of all sizes make an impact…

Investing funds in our work may be the simplest way to support Turning Point and there are a variety of methods to do this.  Donations could be made by providing a year of post-dated cheques, you can donate through Canada Helps, via mail or through online banking money transfer.  All funds donated to Turning Point can be designated to specific programs or activities. Just let us know!

We are honoured to receive memorial donations, please email us or call 403.346.8858 for more information.

Donate A Car Canada accepts vehicle donations for Turning Point Society of Central Alberta.  To donate a car, truck, RV, boat, motorcycle or other vehicle to Turning Point, go here.  We provide free towing in many areas across Canada, or you can drop off your vehicle to maximize your donation.  When you donate your car, it will either be recycled or sold at auction depending on its condition, age and location.  Donate A Car Canada will look after everything to make your donation easy for you to support Turning Point.

DONATE NOW and Turning Point Society of Central Alberta will send you a tax receipt after your car donation is complete!

we’re currently seeking donations of:

warm socks
shampoo (trial size)
dental floss
gift cards
kleenex (individual packages)
chap stick
conditioner (trial size)
ziploc bags (any size)
feminine hygiene products
long underwear
gloves / mitts
hair elastic bands/ties
plastic or canvas grocery bags
thank you gifts for volunteers
prizes for events

If you would like to donate to Red Deerians who are sleeping rough or camping we also will distribute:

  • bottled water
  • toilet paper
  • Personal (or baby) wipes (small packages preferred)
  • garbage bags
  • small tents
  • tarps

*This above list is listed in order of importance

follow us on social media & help share our messages…

“ Tie a Purple Ribbon for Somebodies Someone “ is an act of remembering all of those who we have loved and lost to an Overdose. Thanks @momsstoptheharm

Did you know? International Overdose Awareness Day is coming up on August 31st. If you want to stop by before than to fill out a ribbon we will be posting them in our window.
Stay tuned for more info about the event we are hosting on International Overdose Awareness Day...

A contaminated drug supply means that it is essential to have Naloxone on hand, even if someone states they only use stimulants such as cocaine (soft/hard) and meth. There have been instances of people going down (overdosing) when using stimulants which were later confirmed to be laced with opioids ( fentanyl specifically )

Please be safe.
Don’t use alone. When using with friends, stagger your use so someone can respond if others go down. Keep multiple Naloxone kits on hand ( sometimes it takes more than one kit to reverse an overdose ), provide rescue breaths (this is important , especially if you don’t have Naloxone on hand), call EMS (the Good Samaritan act in Alberta means they won’t arrest or charge you for possession and you won’t face any consequences for breach of conditions if you are at the scene when EMS arrives).
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Got a donation of @babycakescupcakeryrd from @novachemicals again and we are so grateful for this delicious treat so close to the weekend. ❤️ ...

Sex. Did you know that in Alberta we have seen a rise in infectious and congenital Syphilis. In 2018, there were a total of 1536 confirmed cases or infectious syphilis - compared to 161 cases in 2014.
As a result of this surge, the Alberta government declared that the province is officially in a Syphilis outbreak.
While COVID has drastically reduced the ability to offer routine STBBI testing- we encourage you to reach out to the Sexual Health Clinic locates in Red Deer (403-346-8336) If you are experiencing any symptoms or have any questions/concerns related to your sexual health.

If you want more information about STBBIs or have questions about how to keep yourself safe and healthy please call/text Kevin at 587-877-5636

We provide safer sex supplies to anyone who wants them, free of charge. We have a variety of condoms ( shapes, sizes, textures, material , colors, flavours, etc. ), female(insertable) condoms, dental dams, and lube. Drop by the office and we’ll hook you up ☔️

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donating your time…

As with most community-based organizations, volunteers are key for the running of the agency and all of its programs.

Did you know?  Every Wednesday from 1 -3 p.m. volunteers join us for a Volunteer Bee to process harm reduction supplies.  You can just drop in!

Please call us at 403-346-8858 or complete this Turning Point Volunteer Application Form to start the process!

volunteer opportunities

  • Board of Directors
  • Special Events
  • Program Support