The Health Promotion Program is available to support people living with HIV and their loved ones. This support is specific to each client’s needs with improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health as the ultimate goal.

The program is staffed by the Health Promotion Coordinator, who can:

  • accompany clients to their first HIV specialist appointment
  • support with HIV safety related issues including safer sex and HIV disclosure and the law
  • support people related to HIV treatment issues or dietary and lifestyles changes
  • act as liaison between the client and health professionals
  • provide referrals in the community for housing, counselling, addictions and legal support

The support worker is available at Turning Point during regular business hours, but is also able to visit clients in their homes or meet at a preferred location in the community. Privacy is a valued element to the Health Promotion Coordinator’s role and as such all conversations are completely confidential.

Finding an Infection Disease Doctor
The nearest Infection Disease Doctors are located in Calgary at SAC (Southern Alberta HIV Clinic) and in Edmonton at NAC (Northern Alberta HIV Clinic).

Access to Health Care Fund
One of the ways Turning Point supports people living with HIV to achieve their health goals is by supporting the cost of travelling to see an HIV doctor in Edmonton or Calgary. Whether travelling by car or bus we help ensure that money is not a barrier for anyone to access their health care specialists. Money raised from events like the Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life goes to our Access to Health Care Fund, which is available for anyone in Central Alberta who is living with HIV, regardless of income, age or any other demographic.  Please call us for more information, 403-346-8858.