About Central Alberta Men’s Outreach

Central Alberta Men’s Outreach (CAMO) is Turning Point’s peer-led queer outreach program working to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for queer, gay, bi, trans, and two-spirit men and non-binary individuals living in Central Alberta. While inclusivity is integrated throughout all of Turning Point’s programming, CAMO provides capacity-building supports that meet the specific health needs and social concerns of this specific population.

The program offers access to discreet/non-judgemental education, resources, and supplies, helping individuals overcome common health determinants impacting safer sex and STBBI prevention, testing & treatment, harm reduction, housing, food security, mental health, community building, and more.

Now offering free, take-home HIV self-test kits!

Contact CAMO

You can speak to our CAMO peer worker about any of these topics by reaching out to him through:

What CAMO offers

Take-home HIV self-test kits
  • Through a temporary pilot project, Turning Point is able to provide free HIV Self-Test kits to gay, bi, trans, Two-Spirit, and queer (GBT2Q) men, and non-binary people. These single-use test kits detect HIV antibodies in minutes using a drop of blood ⎯ and getting one is as simple as contacting one of Turning Point’s CAMO Outreach Workers and answering a few (optional) questions. Learn more about the kits and how to access them here.
Condoms and other safe sex supplies
  • At Turning Point, condoms and other safe sex supplies are free! Swing by our office during regular office hours to pick up condoms, lube, and/or dental dams that meet your preference. Prefer picking up supplies discreetly and not directly from our front door? We totally get it! Speak to our peer worker to discuss your options.
Sexual health information
  • Our peer worker can answer your sexual health questions, including safer sex, sexually transmitted blood-borne infections (STBBI), testing & treatment, living with HIV & other harmful STBBI, and more.
  • Have health concerns but unsure where to go or who to speak to? Whether for mental health, HIV testing, treatment, or something else entirely, our peer worker can connect you with local services and supports that best address your particular needs and concerns.
Queer support
  • We recognize the challenges of navigating life as a queer individual in the prairies. Whether you’re new to Central Alberta and need help finding a supportive community or have questions about coming out, our peer worker is here to offer support.