6 Month Overview (January 2022 – June 2022)

The following data provides a snapshot of Turning Point Society’s operations for the first half of 2022 (January – June).

This section combines data from each of our programs (Harm Reduction, Health Promotion, Women’s Program, Overdose Prevention Site (OPS), NightReach, Overdose Prevention Program, and Rural Outreach).

Unique Contacts (Table 1):




New Clients:


Individuals Trained:


Community Presentations:


Naloxone Kits Distributed:


figure 1: In this graph is a breakdown of all 33,187 client contacts for the first half of 2022 (January 2022 – June 2022). In this period, our Overdose Prevention Site received over 18,800 site visits, exceeding the number of unique client contacts taken place in our Harm Reduction program by nearly 10,000 contacts.

Program Overview

Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction

TOTAL New Clients: 421

TOTAL Unique Contacts: 8,808

TOTAL Average Clients served/month: 627

TOTAL Referrals: 578



TOTAL New Clients: 80

TOTAL Unique Contacts: 3,896

TOTAL Average Clients served/month: 298

TOTAL Referrals: 168

TOTAL Naloxone Distributed: 279

Health Promotion

Health Promo

TOTAL New Clients: 26

TOTAL Unique Contacts: 423

TOTAL Average Clients served/month: 9

TOTAL Referrals: 308

TOTAL Naloxone Distributed: 279

Overdose Prevention Site

TOTAL New Clients: 26

TOTAL site visits:18,806

TOTAL Average Clients served/month: 1,495

TOTAL Referrals: 1,277

TOTAL Suspected Overdose Reversals: 916

Rural Outreach

TOTAL Client Contacts: 174

TOTAL Average Clients served/month: 1,495

TOTAL Referrals: 16

TOTAL Naloxone Kits Distributed: 211

TOTAL Presentations: 7

Total individuals trained: 102

New clients: 8

Overdose Prevention Program

TOTAL Referrals: 656

TOTAL Naloxone Kits Distributed: 2,046

TOTAL Presentations: 30

Total individuals trained: 438

Suspected overdose reversals: 19